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Post by Admin on Mon Aug 18, 2014 6:33 pm

Simple respectful rules for Black Lotus Guild Members just remember there are a lot of ways that our guild leader can punish people for breaking these rules so try and stick to them. Thanks!

1- No spamming Nation or Guild Chat with selling this notices. Say it once offer a nation or guild discount if you want to and then post it in forum like everyone else.

2- No begging. At all. EVER. this is defined as: asking for something, typically food or money, as charity or a gift OR ask (someone) earnestly or humbly for something. For example begging for a feast, books, money, gear in nation chat is not approved.

3- While we do not discourage power leveling, we do ask that you do not power level someone before they have reached level 90, as this causes new players to be unable to understand how to do many things in the game.This also causes the problems of money for the new guild members as they cannot afford to go from equipping level 20 gear to level 100 gear. There are some exceptions but those are at the discretion of the Guild Leader.

4-As of 11/25/2014 Any member who believes that they will be offline for Longer then 2 weeks (14 days) and Fails to make a post on the forum or notify the Guild Leader stating that they will be offline for a specified or indeterminate amount of time will be removed from the guild this includes all alts as well. If space is available in the guild when you start playing again you are welcome to come back.

See very easy and simple rules. Since none of us do these things any way there should be no problems.

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